Wednesday, January 13

Removing Word Verification

Hey everyone! I had a few people ask how to remove Word Verification on your blog.. so here is a quick little how to from me :)
1- go to your dashboard
2-Click on the SETTINGS in the blog you want to remove word verification from
3-Click on Comments
4-Scroll down just a little bit and you will see "Show word verification on comments" Click NO :)
*Right above this you can choose to moderate your comments.. if you want to read them before they go "live" to your blog click Yes.. :)
Hope this helps some of you out.. HUGS


My Need 2 Craft said...

Thanks so much Alison. This really helped me. I am a newbie, so any advice (helpful hints) is greatly appreciated. :)

Unknown said...

Thank you Alison for the tip.


~Paola~ said...

Thanks so much for the help...
Your instructions were clear and easy,even for an obtuse head such as mine...LOL

Mama Bear Stonich's Craft Blog said...

Thanks! i didnt know how to remove that:)